Flying Uppercut

The Shoryuken

The Shoryuken is a special punch in the Street Fighter series used by Ryu, Ken.
It first appeard in the original Street Fighter as one of Ryu's two special attacks.


Performed by moving the control stick forward, down, and then down-forward
(frequently denoted as a "Shoryuken motion"), the combo is a flying uppercut in which
either Ryu or Ken spins and flies upwards with some lateral drive as well. This uppercut
knocks the opponent to the ground and inflicts a larger amount of damage then a normal uppercut.


The flying uppercut is a great move to combat opponent aerial attacks as it connect most of the time.
The move is impregnable during the flying up portion of the combo but exposed during the descent.

Ryu Performing Flyinng Uppercut on Sagat

Ken Performing Shoryuken on Guile